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Stars Soccer Review (SSR)  Volume 12 magazine called "Aldwynable". It covers the football/soccer career of Aldwyn "'Midget" McGill who is better known by the name "Midget" in Caribbean footbal/soccer circles. He became Aldwynable because his name is always associated with winning with an 85% career winning percentage.

Born in Trinidad to Victor and Iona McGill, Aldwyn started his football career as a midfielder before moving to the  forward position in 1979 to become one of the most prolific goal scorers in Toronto Caribbean community from the late seventies to the new millennium.


He has won 20+ scoring titles including Player of the Year and Coach of the Year awards. He helped his team win countless championships while setting several team and league records along the way.


Aldwyn has evolved from  a national player, to a Coach, General Manager and Director of Operation at the professional club level. He is the owner of Caribbean Stars Inc. and the producer of SSR Magazine where he is a photographer after starting as a Freelance Journalist with his website.


Aldwyn coverage of FIFA World Cups, and competitive successes,makes him an experience football/soccer analysis whose analytical outputs have made him a creditable source of not just football/soccer information but in sport in general.


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