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By Aldwyn McGill                      

Page 46:- The time has come for Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) to avoid past mistakes of having to defy incredible odds to advance in competition. I am encouraged that the newly formed TTFA under President Raymond Tim Kee had done their homework and hired Stephen Hart as the Head coach of the Soca Warriors, in conjunction with Dutchman Leo Beenhakker as the Technical Advisor for the country’s football program. While there is still a long way to go for Trinidad and Tobago to get to the   competitive level that it ought to be, these new hiring has already proved fruitful……...

Page 47:- For T&T to have gained its first win since the turn of the millennium means that T&T  football was in need, leading up to and after Germany 2006.  Stakeholders in the sport of football in T&T have to be made aware that they too have to contribute resources to developing the youths for the country to return to football prominence in the region………...

Page 48:- …...Besides Hart, I am also familiar with T&T coaches such as Ron La forest, Anthony Streete,  Bertille St Clair, Terry Fenwick, Stuart Charles Fevrier, Brian  Williams, Anton Corneal, Everald ‘Gally’ Cummings, Leo Beenhakker, Dereck King, Jamaal Shabaaz, Ross Russell, and Hudson Charles, to name a few. And for what it is worth, I saw the pride in the Trinidad and Tobago supporters’ faces at the 2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup in the United States.  Trinbagonians have to stop making excuses for not attending games. The soccer leagues in T&T also have to identify talented players before they are shipped overseas since it is a risk for a national coach to assume that a foreign player is better suited when a local player is potentially better and not given the tools to develop and contribute to the country’s success…...

Full article in SSR Vol 9 Accomplished (Thierry Henry)

Produced by Aldwyn McGill
Details  Price: $9.99    (NEW RELEASE)    

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SSR Vol 9 Accomplished (Thierry Henry)

Produced by Aldwyn McGill
Details  Price: $9.99    (NEW RELEASE)    

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