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Past Articles '05

GS United # 1 in Canada


GS United (Gursikh Sabha United) of Scarborough became the first team from Ontario in 16 years to win the Canadian Men's National Soccer title. Since the tournament started in 1902, Ontario teams have only won the National 11 times.  In addition to winning the Canadian National Soccer Championship in Calgary, the team has also won the Ontario Soccer League (OSL) title, Ontario Cup, and the prestigious Ted Cumbs Award for the most consistent team in the league over the last four years. In the OSL individual awards the team was well represented by Captain Emil Calixtero MVP, Courtney Campbell Best Goalkeeper, and John Williams Coach of the Year for his second in 3 years.

 It is customary to find on GS United teams players who are on, or have received University Scholarships, while others have moved on to national status with the Olympic  team such as Alim Karrim and  Dwayne De Rosario with the National team. 

GS United has also won Caribbean Stars Indoor tournament on four occasions and several Scarborough Soccer Association (SSA) Indoor titles in both the Menís Open and O-35 Divisions. They have exemplified the true meaning of sportsmanship reflected by the number of Most Discipline awards they have won sometimes in mediocre season. GS has contributed positively to the Caribbean Community and society in general due to their perseverance and commitment to excellence.  The club is made up 50 players with over 20 of them of different nationalities which is a true reflection of the Canadian Multicultural Society.

GS Manager Dave Sidhu was candid when asked about his teamís success compared to past seasons.  He responded ďWe have always had skill in our teams, that was a given, but the addition of 5 to 6 players brought us more dedication and cultivated ultimate and utmost respect for each otherĒ. When asked, whatís next for GS He replied, ďIn my mind we were not the best team out there consistently, and for next season we will be adding another 3 or so players that should put us in a good position to defend our titles successfullyĒ 

GS United was formed in 1990 and had success at the recreational level in Scarborough before joining the Toronto and District (T&D) League winning five different divisions in five years. The team was finally promoted to the Ontario Soccer League (OSL) in 2001 after improving their standing every year. They won some of the league's major trophies in 2003 which included the League Champions, OSL Cup, MVP, and Coach of the Year, Best Goalkeeper, and Most Discipline Team award. In 2004 they under achieved by placing 3rd and winning the Most Discipline Team award for the second consecutive year. With all their success in the past they were never satisfied due to their disappointing play in the elusive Ontario Cup tournaments, a tournament they were focused on winning for quite some time. They finally achieved that goal and ultimately went on to win the National as a result. Well Done GS! 

On behalf of GS United management Dave Sidhu would like to say a special thank you to Bill Singh and all the players and supporters who have associated with, and contributed to, GS United from its inception.

by Aldwyn McGill

Caribbean Stars First Annual Memorial Outdoor Soccer Tournament is being held in memory of all deceased soccer players and soccer enthusiasts from the community. The Tournament is scheduled for Saturday October 1st 2005, at LAmoreaux 1 & 2 Fields in Scarborough.

1981 TCSL Champions Colts IntíL 


GS United coaching staff won our Man of the Match award for their match ups and timely substitutions to win the 2005 Ontario Cup. From left to right John Williams (coach), Chris Handsor (assist coach), Lester Burno, and Wayne Morgan.


GS Accepts Ontario Cup


GS United Emil Calixterio (captain) and Dave Sidhu (manager) accepts the Ontario Cup after defeating Woodbridge Azzurri in sudden death overtime at the Soccer Centre.



GS United team




Family Day Sunday opened with an important Ontario Cup game between G.S United shown above and Bramlea Celtic. G.S was very aggressive at the start of the game controlling the run of play with their ball possession. They had a commanding 2-0 lead until 3 minutes to halftime when a GS United defender good cute and chest trap a cross ball in his penalty area. Needless to say he lost the ball to a Celtic forward and the play resulted in a goal for Bramlea Celtic and made the game an interesting 2-1 score at halftime.


The second half began as if the teams changed uniforms. Celtic was now the aggressor and had the momentum and the control of play but missed several scoring opportunities. The GS United defense finally adjusted to Celtics attack up their left side and the game balanced off into a see-saw battle with both teams playing outstanding defense. The game ended with an obvious all out do or die attack from Celtic, throwing everyone in attack in an effort to avoid elimination but time was not on their side, it was too late. G.S United won 2-1 in a game that was won in the first half of play and highly competitive. GS United is a regular participant of Caribbean Stars activities (schedule permit) and will be featured by Caribbean Stars at the end of the 2005 season.


Scarborough GS United Soccer Club enjoyed a bitter sweet week at the Scarborough Indoor Soccer League on Clairlea after two of their teams won but their premier team suffered a rare lost. After a close 3-1 win last week their Over-35 team won convincingly over third place Vanier A FC 5-2. With three games left in the schedule GS O-35 team is ahead of last yearís champion Duncan House by 5 points. Although they play Duncan House in two weeks they are in a good position to win the league title with two of the three remaining games against the two bottom place teams. 


In other action GS United menís premier division team lost 4-2 to their second place rivals FK Ohrid which had the talented Kouzmanis brothers in their line up. Heading into the game three points separated the two teams and with the win Ohrid is now tied with GS on points. With five weeks left in the season, the league title could be decided when the two teams play each other in their last game of the regular season and It canít get any better than that for the fans.  

Until they meet these teams should be prepared to play one game at a time because they could suffer a disappointing blow if they take the third place Guess team too lightly.  For what I have seen Guess can upset either team if all their players show up for the game. The Guess team comprises of some of the players from the last years Cup Champion Just Us team, but again leadership and commitment of players seem to be their problem.


GS United third team in the Scarborough Indoor Soccer League (Division One) is having an unbelievable season, sporting an impressive 14-0-0-0 record and as such has earned the luxury of a 12 point lead heading into the last six games of the season. There is no doubt that they will win the league but they will be under pressure to complete the season undefeated and with an unblemished 20-0-0-0 record.

Scarborough GS United is making a strong claim as one of the best if not the best senior amateur soccer team in Canada.

GS United teams in tough Competition

Scarborough GS United Soccer Club has endured some tough competition at the Scarborough Indoor Soccer League at Clairlea in Scarborough but with two weeks to go in league they have raised the bar and their three teams are enjoying great success. Their Over-35 team would have clinch the League title just after this article had gone to the press leading second place Duncan House by 2 points with one game left this Wednesday 15 against third place West Rouge. They only need a tie to win the league.


In other action GS United menís premier division team is in a dogfight with second place rivals FK Ohrid who has the talented Kouzmanis brothers in their line up. Heading into last two games the teams tied with 45 points and three games left. In their three remaining they both play each other in the last game of the season and more than likely the league title will be decided by the outcome of that game. This is every events coordinatorís dream to have a competition down to the last play or schedule of their competition and it doesnít get much better than that for the teams and fans either.  


However until they meet these teams should be prepared to play one game at a time because they could suffer a disappointing blow if they underestimate their opposition or take the other teams too lightly especially third place Guess and Hearts Azzurri,

GS United third team in the Scarborough Indoor Soccer League is their menís Division One team who is having an unbelievable season. They clinched the league title last Sunday with a 7-4 win over East York United and are sporting an impressive 17-0-0-0 record. Their only test left is the pressure of completing the Indoor season undefeated.

With three menís team competing with a chance of clinching three league titles and more Scarborough GS United is making a strong case as one of the best if not the best senior amateur soccer team in Canada.


GS Run Around to Win

Scarborough GS United Soccer Club entered three teams in the Scarborough Indoor Soccer League (SISL) and all three teams have performed well in their respective division. Entering into last weekend schedule their men Over-35 and Division-I teams clinched their League title a couple of weeks earlier while the Division-I team is still working on an undefeated season with a 20-0-0- record.

However their Premier team was not as comfortable entering their game against a tough FK OHRID team last Sunday with both team tied with 52 points for the league title. Weeks earlier OHRID beat GS 5-2 and seemed very confident before the game.

The game started very fast and neither team was giving an inch. With the fast pace of the game it was obvious that something had to give and it was just who was going to give some thing away. FK had the first chance when GS defensive gave up a break away but shot wide of the outer edge of the post with GS goalkeeper beaten. That muffed opportunity was not a good sign for OHRID because with less than 12 minute left in the first half their frustration took over and they were given a 2 minute penalty. GS United capitalized and scored with still over a minute left with the man advantage. On the ensuing play after the goal OHRID goalkeeper was injured and had to leave the game favoring his wrist and/or fingers. He was replaced in net with striker Gus Kousmanis which hurt FK offense significantly. By that time GS gain momentum and seized the opportunity to pile it on attacking at will to score two more goals to go into the half leading 3-0.

The second half started much like the first and just like the first GS United scored the opening goal which demoralized OHRID and to add insult to injury GS was given a 2 minute penalty for roughing when they caught OHRID pushing to far forward and countered attacked on a rebound to score on a two on one to take a 5-0 lead with over ten minutes left in the game. At that point OHRID could have thrown in the towel but they fought back and had some momentum when they scored two unanswered goal to trim the score to 6-3. GS responded and broke the momentum by scoring against the run of play to secure victory by a final score of 7-3 and their third SISL 2006 league title.

2006 Premier Division League Champs


2006 Division One League Champs


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