“Caribbean Selects” New Franchise Name

2006-03 Articles
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2006-03 Articles
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2006-03 Articles

“Caribbean Selects”

New Franchise Name 

The Caribbean Stars team name originally accepted by the CPSL had to be changed to Caribbean Selects by the Caribbean franchise over the weekend. The name change became an issue when Border Stars representatives forward a motion that the two teams names was similar and would have presented confusion when referencing Caribbean Stars and their team (Border Stars) from the Windsor/ Detroit area. The situation was discussed at the League’s AGM meeting and a decision was reached and a name change was forwarded to Caribbean Stars for consideration. The request stated that the word “STARS” would have presented media confusion if it was allowed to be used by the two franchises and base on the league’s new seniority system Caribbean Stars had to adjust and honor the “change request”.

The name Caribbean Selects was the unanimous choice over the other names considered and subsequently was submitted to the league’s office. The name was also accepted and recorded by the league on Monday March 20, 2006. Caribbean Selects organization is confident that the new name will still reflect the accumulation of star studded talent that would be selected to represent the Caribbean community at the highest level of soccer in Canada.

Try-Outs for the Caribbean Selects are expected as soon as facilities are secured. Please send your feedback to info@caribbeanstars.com



After years of absence Caribbean Stars Inc represented by Aldwyn McGill of Caribbean Camera and partner Neil Palmer of Kicker Sports Production has entered a franchise team “Caribbean Stars” into the Canadian Professional Soccer League (CPSL) for the 2006 soccer season. Caribbean Stars was one of the original members of the Canadian International Soccer League (CISL) better known as the Puma league and has had a successful run from amateur to the professional ranks. The team won the 1996/7 CISL Indoor Championship and has advanced to the play-offs semi finals every season.

Caribbean Stars move to the CPSL is based on the belief that the timing is right, due to the implementation of the league’s Ethnic division which will give the Caribbean community the opportunity to showcase the soccer talent and with the help of the media, promote and circulate information that would increase the support base of the team that will boost game attendance.

The influence of the Ethnic division was also hard to overlook due to the success of a number of soccer events in the Caribbean Community in the past 17 months. One of these events was the International game between Portmore United (Jamaica) and Metro Lions (CPSL) in September of 2004. This event started the wheels and mind in action and at after the game it was felt that the Caribbean community had made significant progress in relation to the attendance at the game. The game was played to a sold out crowd at Birchmount Stadium and the outpouring of support by the media and business community was enormous. Caribbean Stars Community Productions promoted the game and proceeds from the game through the Metro Lions establishment were donated to Hurricane Ivan Relief Fund. The sentiment at the game was the community needed more soccer events of that nature.

 A second noticeable event was organized in an effort to showcase the talent in the community at Caribbean Stars Sports and Family Day where it was arranged for the Toronto Lynx (USL) to play a Toronto Caribbean Soccer League (TCSL) All Star team. The All Stars pleasantly surprised everyone including the Lynx with their level of skill and the soccer they played. They kept up with the Lynx players stride for stride and for the most part were the quicker team before losing 3-1 due to Lynx team chemistry for the 90 minutes.

Last September two Stop the Violence benefit games were organized by the TCSL two weeks apart to bring awareness to the alarming increase of crime in the community. On both of these benefit games the All Star team played a high standard in front of an encouraging crowd.

Last 2005 season caribbeanstars.com also covered the teams in the community and at the vast majority of those games the attendance reflected that the community was attending game and would be interested in a team in which they are culturally attached at the CPSL level.  Caribbean Stars is hopeful that the business community will recognize the need for their support and assistance to give the youths in the community the positive exposure and opportunity needed to reach their full potential.