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Caribbean Stars Sports & Family Day weekend 

In spite of some scattered showers throughout the day, the weather held up well at Birchmount Stadium on Family Day Saturday.

The Sunday version of the Sports & Family Day, enjoyed better weather, but the Saturday was when the real action took place.

 Saturday’s program opened with two teams from the SAAC Academy exhibiting their skills while the visiting Trendsetters Hawks U-12 Boy’s team from Trinidad was ready to play North Scarborough in the next match. The teams looked on eagerly in anticipation of a very keen contest, and an eventful evening.

The under 12 Boy’s division comprised of 4 teams and although the Family Day games are usually of an exhibition nature, one could have sensed the anxiety of the youngsters on the North Scarborough U12 as they were warming up a lot earlier before their game was scheduled to start.

The teams in the U-12 division were North Scarborough (NSSC), Trendsetters Hawks, West End United and Wexford United.

No sooner than the Academy teams shake hands to end their game, NSSC (gold uniforms) under coach  Auzzie Smith and Trendsetters Hawks under coach Anthony Wickham took to the field to kick off the U-12 division.

NSSC proved to be a bit much for the visitors as  Trendsetters players were having a hard time adjusting to the large size of the Birchmount Stadium field.

North Scarborough overpowered Trendsetters by a score of 3-0, and after the game the two teams got together for a group picture. The fun for the visiting Trendsetters team had just began.

Wexford United was up against  West End United in the second U-12 match. But as the teams took to the field it was quite obvious where the players interest were. Both teams were taking a peek at the Trendsetters players as the visitors left the field after their game.

However, it did not take long for the teams to be focused on the task at hand. Wexford and West End played in the Annual Robbie Tournament the previous week and were familiar with each others tactics. The two United teams were living up to their name as they were evenly matched and their 1-1 share of the final  score was a good indication of the closeness of the game.

Up next was the under-13 Girls contest between Wexford United and Scarborough United. This turned out to be the most entertaining game of the Family Day Saturday in spite of the rain, which came pouring down as the game started.


The U-13 Girl’s game was a complete change in the Family Day atmosphere. Wexford Girls under coach Tony De Rosario (father of MLS All Stars Dwayne De Rosario) entered the Stadium in their maroon Family Day T-Shirts and proceeded to the North end of the field to warm up, while Scarborough United under coach Junior Parker, went to the southern end of the field.

The level of play by the two teams to start the game was definitely a step up in the right direction for the soccer enthusiasts on hand. To the girls credit, what little they may have lacked in ability  they certainly made up with effort and stamina.

There were a lot of interest in the girls game, especially  from the patrons in the stands. I was bombarded with questions about the two teams, their players, and what competition they played while parents of the girls were cheering heartily.

The interest in the girl’s game was so intense that a request was made for the officials of the Family Day to suspend the track races (which were being run simultaneously with the girls match), until the game was over. Everyone wanted to watch the girls play, and needless to say, the track events were halted.

As the game progressed the Wexford United Girls started to impose their will on Scarborough United. The rain was pouring and the heavy field seemed to have neutralized Wexford’s advantage. But in the end the fighting spirit of Scarborough United girl’s team was not enough as Wexford prevailed with a 3-0 victory.

The rain stopped for the second time during the day, but the anticipated track race between the two girls teams did not materialized since the girls were drenched. With fatigue very much a factor, better heads prevailed and the girl’s race was scrapped.


The sun showed its face again (as the rain stopped) for the boys U-12 game between Wexford United and Trendsetters. The coaches of the two teams decided to play in their Family Day T-Shirts, with Trendsetters in red and Wexford in white.

The game symbolized the friendship that was shown towards the visiting Trendsetters team throughout the Family Day event. Even mother nature found it necessary to give the youths a fitting end to their day of fun and games, with a flicker of sunshine.

The veteran teams Icepicks of Brooklyn New York and Soca from Toronto were waiting to play the featured game. The Family Day was introduced with the kids in mind and after the veterans understandable frustration of waiting for what they though might have been an eternity the veteran’s game got on its way. The stadium lights had to be turned on for the Soca-Icepicks showdown as darkness had crept in.


The game was a good display of soccer and was a fitting end to the Family Day Saturday. Icepicks (orange) International was representing New York and Soca FC was defending Toronto.

The veteran game did not start until the better part of 9pm. It was played after Trendsetters and Wexford boys had their final run of fun.

Icepicks started the game impressively and strung together several passes quite effortlessly around the slow starting Soca team.

While the veteran game was playing the track officials had organized six 4×100 relay teams comprising of mostly under 12 boys with some girls included to add to the fun. This was  the grand finale of the track phase of the family Day. The event officials had worked extremely hard to pull this race off because of the rain.

It was an amazing feat, since the Family Day had only one relay race in its history. This occurred several years before, when the Caribbean Stars alumni with Gary Bryan, Mc Iver Broomes, Johnny Williams finished in third place..

Trying to beat the rain for yet another time, the relay was on its way. It was accompanied with loud cheers from the various team’s supporters who also ran around the track along with the race in support of their respective teams.

Wexford representation won the relay race and the presentation was held immediately following the race since the rain was back with a vengeance just when the game between Soca and Icepicks got started.


Icepicks opened up with a ball possession game that was of International standards. Soca came alive in the latter part of the first half to set up a good match for the second half.

Soca slowly clawed their way back into the game in the second half and outlasted the tiring Icepicks team. While Icepicks maintained a respectable style of play, Soca finished strong to defeat Icepicks 3-2.

Trendsetters played amongst the older players on Family Day Sunday

Nestle Sponsors Caribbean Stars Sports & Family Day

Caribbean Stars Annual Sports & Family Day took place at Birchmount Stadium on Saturday July 7, 2007.

Representatives from Nestle Milo, were on hand to wine and dine the community. They gave out their delicious Milo drink in addition to  entertaining the kids with their shooting cage and participation prizes.

While the Family Day had a noticeable increase in kids to adults ratio, there was a noticeable drop in the attendance compared to previous years.

However,there were other positives. As a first the Family Day was musically challenged by the surprised appearance of panist and steel pan extraordinaire, Earl La Pierre Jr. better known as “Eman” who played for the better part of an hour to the delight of the crowd.

 The inflatable games (just like in previous years ) were big hits with the kids.

So much so that the technicians who arrived to collect the games agreed to dismantle them slowly and one by one, so as not to disappoint the kids who were having lots of fun with them.

The “Batman” and “Slide’ inflatable’s were a first for the Family Day event, and although the Nestle inflatable shooting cage could not withstand the strong gusting wind, it was also a hit during the time it was in operation.

Family Day Batman Bouncer

The Western Union “Spin the Wheel’ tent erected by Jermaine Granville, was an instant hit with both adults and kids. The participants had to spin the Western Union wheel and receive prizes in relation to where the wheel stopped.

The Family Day had a few unwelcome surprises. Some  of the teams which had committed their participation only days prior to the event were no shows.

To compensate Clairlea, Malvern, Brampton and

Toronto Eagles boy’s took the opportunity to display their talent for the crowd by playing additional matches with the added time.

There was also the Youths Deserve a Chance to Dream (YDCD) table headed by Marion Magloire, mother of NBA All Star

player Jamal Magloire.

Mrs. Magloire and her staff gave out literature about the foundation, along with special treats for the kids.

YDCD foundation was the sole donator of medals for the track races while Mrs Majoire presented medals to the winners of the track races.

Caribbean Stars would like to thank Nestle Canada for its sponsorship and every one that helped to make the Family Day a warm and friendly experience this year.

If anything, we are encouraged and consider this to be the turning point of our Family Day.

Caribbean Stars would also like to thank Marion Magloire for her participation and contribution to the Family Day medals and community in general.

                  Youth Deserve a Chance to Dream” founder Marion Magloire with U-13 track winner

T&T Trendsetters at Family Day

Trinidad and Tobago Trendsetters Hawks boys Under 18 soccer team visit to Toronto came to an end last Tuesday after creating quite an impact.

The team closed off their 3-week visit after participating in the Caribbean Stars Sports and Family Day last weekend at Lamoreaux Soccer Centre in Scarborough.

The Family Day was a welcome change of paste for the Trendsetters team after they competed in the 40th Annual Robbie Tournament and also the Toronto Cup tournament on consecutive weekends.

in their last game of the family day Trendsetters defeated North Scarborough S.C. 4-1 to clinch the “fair play award” after losing to Brampton East 1-0 earlier. In the other match-up North Scarborough defeated Brampton East 2-1.

This year the Family Day was used as a tribute to the Trinidad and Tobago Soca Warriors. It was in recognition of the Trinidad and Tobago team accomplishment as the smallest country to qualify to a FIFA World Cup finals and also to highlight the presence of the visiting Trendsetters team from Trinidad.

The visitors popularity soared as word of their impressive play circulated and as a result the team attracted large crowds. The team advanced to the semi final in both the Robbie and Toronto Cup tournaments they participated. , In the Robbie it was from their Group C and from Group B in the Toronto Cup.

As a result of the team’s impressive performance, a few of Trendsetters players have been scouted and are making themselves available for potential scholarship offer in the United States.

Trinidad and Tobago Consulate office in Toronto has committed their continued support to make a team return visit by Trendsetters possible.

                               40th Annual Robbie Soccer Tournament 2006

Group C
Pos Team GP W T L GF GA Pts
1 Trendsetter Hawks (T&T) 3 2 1 0 4 1 7
2 Erin Mills Eagles 3 1 1 1 4 5 4
3 Aurora Stingers 3 0 2 1 3 4 2
4 East York 3 0 2 1 1 2 2
Semi Finalists
Winner Grp A – Glen Shields 1 vs. Grp C Trendsetters Hawks 0

Toronto Cup Tournament 2006

Group B
Pos Team GP W T L GF GA Pts
1 Oakville, ON 3 2 0 0 7 0 9
2 Trendsetter Hawks (T&T) 3 2 0 1 14 2 6
3 Orland Park, IL 3 0 0 3 1 19 0
Quarter Final
 Group A 3rd – Newmarket 3 vs. Group C 2nd – Trendsetters T&T 6
Semi Final
 Winner Grp A  – East York 3 vs. Grp C 2nd– Trend Hawks (T&T) 0

The objective of the Family Day is to give the youths and families a day of fun and enjoyment in a comfortable atmosphere where the pressures of winning and losing is secondary to teamwork, forming friendships and meeting old acquaintances.

 Trendsetters were up for this day and even got a surprise treat by the appearance of NBA All Star Jamaal Magloire who addressed the team and reinforced the importance of an education and the commitment to taking the sport seriously

Caribbean Stars Family Day Archives


Photo Finish in the boys under 14 race on the Saturday was a good indication of the type of excitement and entertainment experienced at Birchmount Stadium at the Caribbean Stars Sports and Family Day weekend. The Family Day was a great success with basketball hoops available for shoot around, entertaining soccer games, that showcased promising young talent, Music, Caribbean Food, Social, and most important an atmosphere reminiscent of a well spent vacation. The highlight of the program was the boys U-13 game between North Scarborough Harlem and N.S Stings which has been called “the game”

The game had all the characteristics of a blowout after Harlem riddled Stings with 3 unanswered goals in 5 minutes to take a commanding 3-1 lead at the half. In the second half the Sting returned the favor and scored 5 unanswered goals of their own. This competitive display got the enthusiastic crowd very excited. Stings eventually won the game 5-4 but Harlem made it interesting after fighting back to score minutes before the end.

The final whistle came with Harlem having the momentum and in search of the equalizing goal. The crowd gave the teams a standing ovation at the end of the game to show their appreciation.

 The track races as previously mentioned were very competitive with the Boys under 14 race resulting in a photo finish. The Boys under 12 race (below) was also very competitive and by the body language below you can appreciate their intensity and effort.

 A first for the Family Day was a scheduled no gender restrictions to compete in the Family Day under 15 Scarborough United Team to play a Boy’s North Scarborough under 14 team. The girls played well and understandably enjoyed the full support of the crowd. However, the boys eventually won the game 4-0.

The Men’s Soccer part of the Family Day program progressed into an action filled men’s game between Soca and NSSC Posse. Soca eventually scored the winning goal three minutes before the final whistle in a game that went back and forth. Soca Club has been a regular participant at the Family Day and is a member of the Toronto Services Soccer League. They have revamped their soccer program for 2005 with a noticeable increase in talented young players. North Scarborough is a member of the Ontario Soccer League (MJ Division) and is an affiliate of Caribbean Stars Soccer Club for the 2005 season.

The Adidas Soccer Tent installed by John Williams was a big hit with the kids. Most kids participated for prizes while being supported by their friends at the different shooting contests. The wait in the long line proved to be worth the wait by the smiles on the kids faces with their prizes.

Family Day Saturday closed with a veteran Over-35 game between Oil Brigade from Toronto and Caribec from Montreal. This is the second year for Caribec at the family day and they have committed to the Caribbean Stars Family Day next year (2006). However, Caribec has requested that they get stiffer competition from Toronto, and from all indications they will be very hard to beat then. They are a very talented veteran team that had little opposition in winning their game by a lopsided 5-1 margin. Last year they played to a 2-2 tie with Ice Picks from New York. Icepicks cancelled this year due to prior commitment to the CONCACAF Gold Cup and a Miami Veteran organization

Family Day Sunday opened with an important Ontario Cup game between G.S. United and Bramlea Celtic.

G.S. was very aggressive at the start of the game  and controlled the run of play with their ball possession. They had a commanding 2-0 lead until 3 minutes to halftime when a GS United defender good cute and chest trap a cross ball in his penalty area. Needless to say he lost the ball to a Celtic forward and the play resulted in a goal for Bramlea Celtic. This made the 2-1 game very interesting to the half.

The second half began as if the teams changed uniforms. Celtic was now the aggressor and had the momentum and control of play but missed several scoring opportunities. GS United defense finally adjusted to Celtic’s attack up their left side and the game balanced off into a see-saw battle with both teams playing outstanding defense.

The game ended with an all out do or die attack from Celtic. It sent everyone into the attack in an effort to avoid elimination, but time was not on their side, and it was too little too late. G.S. United won 2-1 in a highly competitive showdown. GS United is a regular participant of Caribbean Stars activities and will be featured by Caribbean Stars at the end of the 2005 season.

Two Scarborough united women’s teams were up next on the Family Day program, the Strikers and the All Stars. The game was well played and definitely changed the atmosphere of the Family Day. The level of play was well received with lots of applause, support and encouragement for the players.

The atmosphere changed quickly from a must win of the previous GS United Ontario Cup game, to lots of compliments of nice pass, accompanied with loud cheering. The game was close from the get go and Strikers eventually won the tight contest 2-1. At the end of the game the crowd responded with a standing ovation in appreciation of the effort and energy displayed by the women teams.

The featured game of the Sunday program was between the Caribbean All Stars of the Toronto Caribbean Soccer League (TCSL) and the Toronto Lynx of the United Soccer League (USL) This game displayed soccer at its highest in the community and was very entertaining. It also left everyone pleasantly surprised with the talent of the Caribbean All Star team. The game was played at a fast pace with some amazing individual skills.

Toronto Lynx was forced to match the quickness of the Stars team and did a commendable job. The Caribbean community was hopeful of seeing this type of energy and quickness from the Lynx during the early part of their USL season when the Lynx was more deliberate in creating plays. The Lynx eventually proved to be the superior team against the All Stars and won the game by a 2-1 score. From what they displayed, it seems like we can expect positive results if the Toronto Lynx play the brand of soccer they displayed at Caribbean Stars Sports and Family Day.