Messi Golden Ball win a hot topic for Maradona

FIFA World Cup News Brazil by Aldwyn McGill




I am a little surprised that there are some who are disturbed that Lionel Messi won the Golden Ball award as the Most Valuable Player of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

But it doesn’t surprise me that there are reports that Diego Maradona is one of the people who has given the topic credence and kept the debate alive.

Maradona was quoted as saying that he couldn’t support giving the award to Messi. My take on that is that as one the greatest football players in Argentina’s history Maradona should have kept his opinion to himself.

The fact that any team could have won the final makes the motive for Maradona’s opinion suspect at best. Just think what he would have said should Argentina have defeated Germany to win the World Cup.


Maradona’s behavior as Argentina’s coach at World Cup South Africa can only be described as extremely vocal and forever visible. Within those perimeters and Argentina winning its group to advance into the Knock Out stag he delivered high praises for Messi as the best player in the world.

But the Maradona Reality Show came to an abrupt end when his Argentina team lost to Germany (4-0) in the quarter finals and Messi having to wait for his third world cup appearance in Brazil to try and score his first World Cup goal.

Messi finished the just concluded World Cup in Brazil with four goals that included timely game winners that allowed Argentina to reach the final.


James Rodriguez (at right) won the Golden Boot award as the top scorer at the World Cup with Six goals. His chest and volley shot he scored with against Uruguay was voted as the Best Goal of the 2014 World Cup Brazil tournament.


However my MVP vote went to Germany’s forward Thomas Müller with 5 goals and Netherlands’ Arjen Robben. But it

While it does not diminishes Messi’s contribution and legitimacy as an MVP contender, negativity sells and Mardona’s comments were well received by the Messi’s critics.


It is amazing that we advocate that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it seems like situation like these is what attracts the attention seekers and people with built in biases caused the democratic system to stall.


Most knowledgeable people know that Lionel Messi and Di Maria was the best offensive player in Argentina team and with Di Maria injured from the quarter final match it was left up to Messi to try to win the World Cup, singlehandedly in a team sport.


What is a little surprising of this World Cup tournament in Brazil is that the Most Valuable of a tournament was not chosen from the championship team that was very deserving. Not to mention that the MVP of the tournament is the player that helps their team win and for the most part is on the championship team.


Granted there are always exceptions to every rule and at South Africa it was forward Diego Forlan from the fourth place Uruguay team who was voted as the tournament Golden Ball winner and deservingly so.


But if Diego Forlan could have won the MVP award from the fourth place team in South Africa, then the MVP award should have gone to either Netherland’s Arjen Robben who created the most entertainment and excitement in Brazil or Germany’s Thomas Mueller whose workmanlike attitude is the epithemy of a true professional.