Caribbean Selects Tie in CSL Season Opener

Caribbean Selects Tie

Caribbean Selects Tie 0-0 in CSL Season Opener

Caribbean Selects earn a point after playing to an exciting 0-0 tie with North York Astros at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke. It was the Selects first competitive game of their 2006 soccer season and also the first in the short history of the newly formed Caribbean franchise that will be competing in the Canadian Soccer League (CSL) formerly the Canadian Professional Soccer League (CPSL).

 It was a good start for the Selects organization and the point earned should be a motivational tool for the team to try to win their next game against the Serbian White Eagles.  The Serbians have also gotten off to a good start by beating Italians 3-2 in their home opener last week. With the Caribbeans and the Serbians off to good start shows well for the league and should help to increase the popularity of soccer in Ontario and hopefully Canada.

The Caribbean Selects definitely looked like the better team in the game with the Astros but it seemed that the team has some kinks to iron out in regards to the flow of their plays and their offensive finishing after squandering several potential scoring opportunities. The back four defenders were exceptional as a unit but the midfield seem a little disjointed at times which resulted in the Astros spraying dangerous diagonal passes in the latter stages of the game that resulted in dangerous crosses around the Selects goal.

The Selects roster is suppose to be one of the youngest in the league and with the mixture of the experience players they carry it is possible that it may take some time for the team to gel in the CSL. The Caribbean Selects next game is on Saturday June 3rd at Lamport Stadium at 7pm against division leaders Serbians which will be a very tough inter- division game for the Caribbean’s.

Caribbean Selects team shown above is from left to right:

Back row- Coach Corcel Blair, Osman Samura, Fuad Mude, Simon Mais, Kamal Mude, and Ajani Stapleton:
Middle row- Paul Okumu, Craig Steven, John Lewis, Kevon Chambers, Mensah Kojo, and Maxime Donaval:
Front row- Welch, Quincy Cooper, Dixon Modeste, Douglas Sereti, Mohamed Kanu, and Dustin Chung