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 Stars Soccer Review Magazine Volume 10   

A TFC Exclusive

 “Playoff Journey

TFC Exclusive Playoff Journey Produced by Aldwyn McGill

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SSR Vol 10 TFC Exclusive (with Defoe)

Produced by Aldwyn McGill

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Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) was granted Major League  Soccer (MLS) 13th club on October of 2005. Toronto FC began its playoff journey in April 2007. Back then the club was under coach Mo Johnson and Canadian International defender Jim Brennan was the captain of the team.

Now, everyone is talking about the “Bloody Big Deal” that Toronto FC signed with English International and Tottenham Hotspurs forward Jermain Defoe, and US International and AS Roma midfielder Michael Bradley.

The two Designated (DP) Players were presented at the Real Sports Bar & Grill in downtown Toronto on January 13th, 2014 by Maple Leafs Sports &  Entertainment (MLSE) President and CEO Tim Leiweke.

The Big deal is the residual effect of the commitment that MLSE (as the parent company of the Toronto club) made to the fans.The gesture is geared towards TFC making the playoffs due to offseason acquisitions of marquee players.

Toronto FC made a lot of player changes throughout the years; some good, some bad, and some indifferent. Some of the past players exemplified the skill and toughness that is required to be successful in the MLS. Other  may have had the individual skill and talent but lacked the basic MLS requirement …Athleticism, with Mental and Physical toughness

Comparing the Bloody Big deal roster to those of previous TFC teams maybe you can decipher who are the players that should have been retained, who overstayed their time and what caused fan favorites like Plata and Marvell Wynne untimely release. On the bright side, Danny Dichio and Jim Brennan are part of the TFC   Academy and first team coaching staff respectively, while DeRosario has returned, and Serioux is with GolTV as a soccer analyst. How sweet it would be for everyone to experience a TFC playoff appearance

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