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Stars Soccer Review Adv Prices  in CAD                                                               

  1.         a) Business card 1 for $300           2 for $550         3 for $775           4     for $1,000
  2. b) 1/4 page ad             1 for $500          2 for $900         3 for $1,200        4     for $1,500
  3. c) 1/2 page ad           1 for $1,000        2 for $1,850      3 for $2,700       4      for $3,500
  4. d) Full page ad   1 for $1,500        2 for $2,700      3 for $3,500       4      for $5,000
  5. e) Inside Cover ad 1 for $2,000        2 for $3,500      3 for $4,500       4      for $6,000
  6. f) Back Cover ad    1 for $3,000 …    2 for $5,750      3 for $8,500       4     for $9,000

Upcoming SSR Magazine

A comprehensive look at Morvant

Caribbean Stars would like to thank you for taking the time to look into our advertising proposal. For those who have been part of our advertising package, we thank you for your contribution in making Stars Soccer Review (SSR) a premier magazine and are hopeful that you will continue to support our magazine.

We look forward to promoting your company.

Aldwyn McGill,


Below are some of the  full and half page ads previously used in the magazine.

Stars Soccer Review (SSR) Advertising Prices                                                                 

     Package # 1 (Prices for Single Space)

  1. a) Business card                       =$300 (Not Available)
  2. b) 1/4 page                              =$500 (Limited Space)
  3. c) 1/2 Page                              =$1,000
  4. d) Full Page                             =$1,500
  5. e) Inside Cover                         =$2,000
  6. f) Outside Cover (back)             =$3,000

Package # 2 for website

The prices for advertising on are listed below.  Our cost is based primarily on duration as our site has a standard size devoted specifically for advertising. If your organization has specific needs or requests, please contact us!  We are flexible and confident that we will be able to accommodate your needs.

 1) First week                  for  $25   50% off

 2) Two weeks                for  $45

3) One month                 for  $75

4) Three months             for $150

5) Six months                 for $250

6) One year                    for  $450 (Free with full page advertisement in SSR magazine)

7) Two years                  for  $700 (Free with full page advertisement in SSR magazine)

8) Five years                  for  $1,000 (Free with full page advertisement in SSR magazine)                            9) Ten years                  for  $1,500 (Free with full page advertisement in SSR magazine)

Package #3 Community Events
Advertising with us at one of our special events is a great way for your organization to gain exposure at a community level.  We offer various methods to get involved whether it is through having banners present, or by supplying giveaways for attendees.  Please contact us, and we can work together to generate ideas so that your company can be represented.  Below are a few options that are available for your representation at a Caribbean Stars event.     

Special Events Participation

1) Your Banner prominently displayed on website   (Banner would be displayed for one year)

2) Your Banner displayed prominently at our Special Event/s

3) Your advertisement displayed in event programs

4) Company logo displayed on event flyers

   Special Events Participation (Family Day)

1) Your Banner displayed on website header  = One (1) year

2) Your Banner displayed at our Special Event/s

3) Your Advertisement on event programs & Flyers free for Sponsors (negotiable for new advertisers)

Call on us and we would be happy to assist you.

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