CONCACAF 2014 WCQ Hexagonal Projection

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CONCACAF 2014 WCQ Hexagonal Projection

By Aldwyn McGill
Soccer Analyst & Producer                                                                                       Stars Soccer Review Magazine

it is ironic that Mexico and USA are favored to advance out of the three automatic CONCACAF spots to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, while Jamaica and Costa Rica were suppose to be the odd teams out. But after the first round of matches Jamaica and Costa Rica impressive performances have set up what will be a very interesting and unpredictable Hexagonal race from start to finish.

After game one, Mexico has one point and USA zero with both teams at the bottom of the group standings. Honduras jumped into first place after beating USA 2-1 at Olympic Stadium in San Pedro while Costa Rica sits in second place ahead of Panama after erasing a two goal deficit in Panama City for a 2-2 result.

Jamaica is in the best position in fourth place after leaving Mexico with one point. Mexico will have to turn things around which should make Jamaica feat in Mexico almost impossible for any other team in the Hexagonal round  to accomplish for the rest of the schedule.

Mexico …..Will advance but it will not be as easy as the previous semi-final round when they clinched with two games in hand There are 10 games to play in the Hex and Mexico may find out that the last two might be their most important while their undefeated WCQ run could also be a thing of the past.

Game One

USA no a sure bet to qualify for an automatic spot in the first three with the way Panama and Honduras have played. USA performance in the last round was not that impressive but their soccer/football program is the best in the region. Since they literally play some of their home games without the 12th man advantage the United States will prove once again that preparation and tactical readiness are key factors in winning close games.

Panama… was the best performing (besides Mexico) and most consistent team in the semis but nothing is a given in the Hexagonal round. With their explosive style of play Panama will also have to concentrate on keeping their emotions in check. At the least, Panama should be in the first four finishers, but a means to their end will be early results at home. Panama plays 3 of their 4 first matches at home and failure to take advantage will put them a great disadvantage.

Honduras …made a late surge in the semi final round to win its Group C. But the jury is out on how good the team really is. In a must win situation they defeated Canada 8-1 to advance, but Los Catrachos also lost at home against Panama to open the round. With none of the teams losing at home in the 2010 Hex’ and Honduras opening their 2014 Hex’ schedule at home against USA and Mexico respectively ait sets the stage for where their campaign is heading.

Costa Rica…. Advanced after playing one decisive game to advance against El Salvador where they won 1-0. However, just like they did against El Salvador, El Ticos has the players and the style of play to get positive results against their Central American neighbours. Their schedule is a bit different  to the others in that they play their first two games on the road against Panama and and USA. So expect CRC to make a late surge with a realistic chance to be the team to change the complexion of the CONCACAF final four race.

Jamaica ... Did what it had to do to advance to the Hex, but was the only team which needed help. The Reggae Boyz did not help the JFF cause to harness support for home field advantage. The Boyz failed to advance to the final four at the Caribbean Championships.                                                                                          Home field is what usually separates teams in the Hex and without it the Reggae Boyz will find the mission to 2014 Brazil near impossible. With home field advantage and a revamped offense the sky is the limit to what Jamaica can achieve…..  Stay Tuned!!

CONCACAF 2014 WCQ Final (Hexagonal) Round

Final Round  Group & Standings
  Team MP W D L GF GA Pts
Mexico 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
USA 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Honduras 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Costa Rica 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Panama 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Jamaica 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

The schedule of play for the CONCACAF Hexagonal round of the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers is as follows (home team is listed first):

Date Venue Home Away
06/02/13 TBA Mexico Jamaica
06/02/13 TBA Panama Costa Rica
06/02/13 TBA Honduras USA
22/03/13 TBA Honduras Mexico
22/03/13 TBA Jamaica Panama
22/03/13 TBA USA Costa Rica
26/03/13 TBA Costa Rica Jamaica
26/03/13 TBA Mexico USA
26/03/13 TBA Panama Honduras
04/06/13 TBA Jamaica Mexico
07/06/13 TBA Panama Mexico
07/06/13 TBA Jamaica USA
07/06/13 TBA Costa Rica Honduras
11/06/13 TBA Mexico Costa Rica
11/06/13 TBA USA Panama
06/09/13 TBA Mexico Honduras
06/09/13 TBA Panama Jamaica
06/09/13 TBA Costa Rica USA
10/09/13 TBA Jamaica Costa Rica
10/09/13 TBA USA Mexico
10/09/13 TBA Honduras Panama
11/10/13 TBA Honduras Costa Rica
11/10/13 TBA USA Jamaica
11/10/13 TBA Mexico Panama
15/10/13 TBA Jamaica Honduras
15/10/13 TBA Panama USA
15/10/13 TBA Costa Rica Mexico

CONCACAF 2014 WCQ semi final Projection

By Aldwyn McGill
Soccer Analyst

Producer- Stars Soccer Review Magazine
The big news in CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers thus far is Guyana and Antigua and Barbuda advancement into the third round after defeating Caribbean Powerhouses Trinidad and Tobago and Haiti respectively. The tremor occurred on Friday November 11 when Guyana defeated the Soca Warriors 2-1 at Georgetown’s Providence Stadium to win Group B. Ricky Shakes scored Guyana’s first goal in the 10th minute and Leon Cort provided the insurance goal in the 81st minute. Kenwyne Jones scored T&T consolation goal two minutes into stoppage time.

The topic of contentions in Trinidad was on fellow Trinidadian Jamaal Shabazz who lead Guyana Golden Jaguars to their historic win against Trinidad and Tobago as the coach. It was the first time that Guyana had beaten T&T and its first advancement into the third round of a World Cup qualifier..

Antigua and Barbuda created shockwaves at Warner Park Stadium in Antigua with a 1-0 win over Haiti. Kerry Skepple scored the lone goal in the 82nd minute to clinch the Group F title. Antigua will face the United States, Jamaica, and Guatemala, in the next (third) round. The other teams which advanced out of the second round were: Canada, (clinched a spot from a scoreless draw in an away game with St Kitts and Nevis to win Group D), El Salvador (won Group A after beating Suriname 3-1), and Guatemala, and Panama which had little resistance in winning their E and C Group respectively.

In anticipation of which of the six teams will advance from the highly competitive third round, it is important to look at the legitimacy of the top six seed which received byes into the third round.

Mexico still has to play but they are almost a shoe in to advance to the final (six) ‘hexagonal’ stage

USA’s main competition will be Jamaica and since to this point Jamaica has never beaten USA it is safe to pick USA to advance.

Jamaica has the talent and with the experience they should advance in spite of Guatemala’s improve play. Jamaica only real challenge is to beat USA at the Office in Kingston to gain momentum for the rest of the qualifiers.

Costa Rica and El Salvador have to fight for one spot in Group B because of Mexico’s dominance. However, El Salvador defeated Mexico in the 2010 WCQ and can split games with Costa Rica. The second spot should go to the team which can gain a point against Mexico and Costa Rica has the advantage in that regard.

Honduras is in the group (C) of death with Canada, Panama and Cuba. This group will be a reflection of the final round of six, where the top teams have to win at home, beat the weakest team in the group twice, and gain points on the road. Honduras has the edge to advance based on its international fan base advantage.

Cuba gained a bye into the third round but it is the weakest team in Group C. Canada is in a good position to advance out of this group, but the team has to hit the ground running and take the early points, by gaining 7 of its first available 9 points. Canada has two of its first three games at home and its opening game against Cuba in Cuba,

Panama is the most dangerous team in the 2014 CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers and can create the biggest story of the CONCACAF WCQ out of Group C (the Group of Death). But, discipline must be maintaine

2010 World Cup South Africa Qualification

CONCACAF Final Round Games, Scores, & Standings

Final Round  Group & Standings
  Team MP W D L GF GA Pts
USA * 10 6 2 2 19 13 20
Mexico * 10 6 1 3 18 12 19
Honduras * 10 5 1 4 17 11 16
Costa Rica ** 10 5 1 4 15 15 16
El Salvador 10 2 2 6 9 15 8
Trinidad and Tobago 10 1 3 6 10 22 6


CONCACAF 2010 South Africa: Costa Rica was eliminated in Playoff series by Uruguay

Costa Rica 0 vs   Uruguay 1  Nov-14 Costa Rica 1 vs   Uruguay 1 Nov-18-2009

USA, Mexico, & Honduras clinch while Costa Rica lost in Playoffs

After the results of the final CONCACAF qualifying matches last Wednesday, USA leads the CONCACAF Final round qualifiers with 20 points while Mexico and Honduras finished second and third respectively to secure the three automatic spots to the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa.

Mexico did what was necessary against Trinidad and Tobago, in what turned out to be a dull affair with almost the same amount of Mexican supporters in attendance as Soca Warriors supporters. The game ended 2-2 and it and it seemed like every time T&T scored, Mexico responded accordingly.

Mexico second equalizer in the 65th minute to make it a 2-2 ball game. It was a neat placement by Carlos Salcido to set up a somewhat exciting finish to the dull game. Both teams missed late chances by hitting the crossbar as the game finished in a deserving 2-2 draw.

With the tie Mexico finished in second place with 19 points, one point behind USA. Trinidad and Tobago finished their 2010 campaign in last place with 6 points in the Hexagonal round. Honduras finished in third place with 16 points after defeating El Salvador 1-0, while Costa Rica finished in fourth place on goal difference after allowing USA to come back from a two goal half time deficit to tie 2-2 in the 4th minute of injury time.

Honduras defeat El Salvador 1-0 to clinch the third and final spot after Costa Rica tie with USA. Costa Rica now has to play Uruguay, the fifth place South American team in a home and away playoff series to get to the 2010 World Cup.

Update:  Costa Rica was eliminated from 1-0 loss to Uruguay in its first game at home after drawing the second game 1-1 on November 18 in Uruguay to lose on aggregate.

CONCACAF 2010 South Africa scores

Tenth game
Oct-14-09 USA USA   2   (0:2) Costa Rica 2
Oct-14-09 Port of Spain Trinidad & Tobago  2   (1:0) Mexico2
Oct-14-09 San Salvador El Salvador 0  (0:0) Honduras  1
Sep-09-09 Tuxtla Gutierrez Mexico 1    (0:0) Honduras 0

First Leg    

First game
Feb-11-09 San Jose  Costa Rica 2   (0:0) Honduras 
Feb-11-09 Havana El Salvador 2:   (0:2) Trinidad and Tobago2
Feb-11-09 Columbus USA  2  (1:0) Mexico 0
Second game
Mar-28-09 Mexico City Mexico 2   (1:0) Costa Rica  
Mar-28-09 Port of Spain Trinidad & Tobago  1: (0:0) Honduras  1
Mar-28-09 Tuxtla Gutierrez El Salvador 2:  (1:0) USA  2
Third game
Apr-01-09 San Jose Costa Rica 1 (0:0) El Salvador: 0
Apr-01-09 Nashville, USA USA  3  (1:0) Trinidad and Tobago 0
Apr-01-09 San Pedro Sula Honduras 3:  (2:0) Mexico 1
Fourth game
Jun-03-09 San Jose Costa Rica 3 (2:0) USA 1
Jun-06-09 San Salvador El Salvador 2   (1:0) Mexico 1
Jun-06-09 Port of Spain Trinidad & Tobago  2 (1:1) Costa Rica 3
Fifth game
Jun-06-09 USA USA  2  (1:1) Honduras 1
Fifth game
Jun-10-09 TBA Mexico  2   (1:1) Trinidad and Tobago1
Jun-10-09 Honduras Honduras 1   (1:0) El Salvador  0
Second Leg
Sixth game
Aug-12-09 San Pedro Sula Honduras 4  (1:0) Costa Rica 0
Aug-12-09 Port of Spain Trinidad & Tobago  1  (1:0) El Salvador   0
Aug-12-09 Tuxtla Gutierrez Mexico 2   (1:1) USA 1
Seventh game
Sep-05-09 San Jose Costa Rica 0   (0:1) Mexico 3
Sep-05-09 San Pedro Sula Honduras 4   (2:0) Trinidad and Tobago 1
Sep-05-09 USA USA  2    (2:1) El Salvador  1
Eight game
Sep-09-09 San Salvador El Salvador 1   (0:0) Costa Rica 0
Sep-09-09 Port of Spain Trinidad & Tobago 0   (0:0) USA 1
Sep-09-09 Tuxtla Gutierrez Mexico 1   (0:0) Honduras 0
Nineth game
Oct-10-09 San Jose Costa Rica4    (1:0) Trinidad and Tobago 0
Oct-10-09 Tuxtla Gutierrez Mexico 4  (1:0) El Salvador   1
Oct-10-09 San Pedro Sula Honduras  2   (0:0) USA  3
Tenth game
Oct-14-09 USA USA   2   (0:2) Costa Rica 2
Oct-14-09 Port of Spain Trinidad & Tobago  2   (1:0) Mexico2
Oct-14-09 San Salvador El Salvador 0  (0:0) Honduras  1