Trendsetters returns to Toronto

T&T Trendsetters Hawks Visit to Toronto

Trendsetters Hawks Family Day Experience

The visiting Trendsetters Hawks U-12 Boys team from Trinidad and Tobago was the show piece of the Caribbean Stars Sports and Family over the weekend. The team played North Scarborough (NSSC) West End United and Wexford United teams in a host of friendly matches.

Although the Family Day games are of an exhibition nature one could sense the anxiety of the local teams here since North Scarborough U12 was warming extremely early although there was a game to play before they face Trendsetters.

However, just as the final whistle was blown in the  first game the North Scarborough (NSSC) team under head coach Auzzie Smith was on the field and trading pleasantries with Anthony Wickham coach of the Trendsetters Hawks as the two teams warmed up for a second time.

The game between NSSC and Trendsetters was well played but the NSSC proved a little to much for Trendsetter. The T&T boys had a hard time in adapting to the size of the Birchmount Stadium field. And as the game wore on North Scarborough slowly overpowered Trendsetters by a score of 3-0. After the game the two teams got together for a group picture and the Family Day fun for Trendsetters had just began.

It was at the time in the Family Day when some of the Trendsetters players participated in the track races. With his father Robert in attendance, 9-year old Trendsetter Hawks player Haile Beckles stunned the family Day crowd with his track performance. Haile blew away his competitors in the heats of the 8-10 Boys races and although he did not win by the same wide margin of victory in the final he was just as impressive under pressure. He took control of the race from the midway point and pulled away from the field to carry home his Gold medal back to Trinidad.

Trendsetters Hawks versus West End United

 Trendsetters second game was a bit later in the day against West End United. It was scheduled for after West End played Wexford.  West End united is from Mississauga, Ontario and from the West side of Toronto. As Wexford United and West End United took to the field the attention was still trying on the Trendsetters players going into the stands from the field of play.

But, it did not take long for the focus to change back to the field of play where Wexford and West End were doing battle and looking for the first goal. Each team responded when the other gained momentum and as a result the game ended in a 1-1 draw. The final score was a good indication of the competitiveness of the U-12 division.


Next up was the West End-Trendsetters match. It was a request West End wanted since watching Trendsetters play at the International Robbie Tournament a couple of weeks earlier.

For the Family Day game Trendsetters played in their red tops while West End change to their alternate white jerseys. and it seemed like the West End United players were a bit confused with the change of colours as Trendsetters were picking up several bad passes by their opposition.

West End settle down as the game progressed and had the impatient Trendsetters players chasing after the ball all over the field resulting in a lot of free kicks for West End United. The game ended 3-0 for West End United. One of the two boys U-12 heats where Trendsetters Maurice Ford (extreme right) won. In middle picture in descending order a couple of Trendsetters players qualify for the finals but were not successful in clinching a medal. below Maurice took home a silver medal in the finals.

As the rain stopped for a moment the sun came out for the Wexford United versus Trendsetters game was the conclusion of the youth part of the soccer program.

It was a game where the two teams showed their appreciation for a fun full day the coaches of the two teams decided to play in their Family Day T-Shirts. Trendsetters in the reds and Wexford in whites.

This game was symbolized the comradery amongst the teams and coaches throughout the Family Day and even mother nature found it necessary to give the youth a fitting end to their day of fun and soccer.

However the fun was not felt by the Icepicks and Soca veteran teams that were waiting to play the featured game for what they though was an eternity.  The lights was now on the Soca and Icepicks showdown.

The Family Day Saturday closed off with the veteran game between Icepicks (orange) International from New York and Soca FC from Toronto.  The veteran did not start until the better part of 9pm since Trendsetters and Wexford boys were having their final run of fun.

T&T Trendsetters U-12 Boys Robbie experience 2008

Unlike their U-18 Boys of 2006 the Trendsetters Hawks U-12 Boys team can chalk this year 42nd Annual Robbie Tournament up as a learning experience. Trendsetters finished the Tournament with three losses in their three games.

The T&T boys was understandably nervous and shaky in the first half of the first game against Welland Wizards and did not help their cause when they fell behind 1-0 after their right wing back tackle a Wizards striker from behind in the box that resulted in a penalty.

 Trendsetters played extremely well in the second half after getting over their jitters as they scored the equalized on a neat header and eventually took control of the game.

However in their concentration and pushed for the winner, the Welland Wizards scored a goal in the last minute of play on a counter attack after surviving a barrage of attacks by Trendsetters. Had it not been for the heroics of their goalkeeper who made several big saves from point blank range before the winner to keep his team in the game and give Trendsetters a disheartening 2-1 loss.

Heading into their second game Trendsetters did not adjust well to the three hour break in between games and as they faced a physically challenging and talented Ajax Thunder team the Trendsetters boys was under attack and was having problems coming out of their end of the field. Ajax eventually got a grip on the game and over powered the noticeably smaller T&T Hawks team 4-0 after scoring two goals in each half.

Trendsetters head into their third game with their playoff hopes slowing slipping away and was facing a must win situation against North York Azzurri. They started the third game with the positives of the first game but found it difficult kicking against a strong  wind and the uphill task of a two goal deficit at the half.

With the incentive of playing with the wind in the second half the Trendsetters boys seem to have felt the brunt of the day with the win out of reach. The coaches in turn  the teams emptied their team benches as Azzurri rolled along to defeated Trendsetters by a score of 6-0.

Stay tune for more of Trendsetters visit to Toronto!

Trendsetters Hawks Boys U-12 Robbie Tournament standings 2008 
Flight A Pts GP W L T GF GA GD
Ajax Thunder  9 3 3 0 0 9 0 9
North York Hearts Azzurri (ON)  6 3 2 1 0 13 2 11
Welland Wizards (Canada)  3 3 1 2 0 2 11 -9
Trendsetter Hawks (Trinidad)  0 3 0 3 0 1 12 -11
Flight B


 Trendsetters Hawks Robbie Tournament schedule 2008
 Sat  Jun 28 9:00 am Trendsetter Hawks 1vs2 Welland Wizards Ashtonbee Reservoir  8
 Sat  Jun 28 12:45 pm Ajax Thunder 4vs0 Trendsetter Hawks Ashtonbee Reservoir  7
 Sun  Jun 29 9:00 am North York Hearts Azzurri 6vs0 Trendsetter Hawks Ashtonbee Reservoir  8

Trendsetters return to 42nd Annual Robbie tournament

Trinidad and Tobago Trendsetters Hawks will be playing in the Annual Robbie Tournament on June 28 & 29 at Ashtonbee field in Scarborough.

The Boys U-12 team will also be showcased at the Caribbean Stars Family Day on Saturday July 12 at Birchmount Stadium and on the Sunday 13 at Scarborough College fields at Military trail and Old Kingston Road

  T&T Trendsetters at Family Day 2006

Trinidad and Tobago Trendsetters Hawks boys Under 18 soccer team end their visit to Toronto last Tuesday after creating quite an impact. The team closed off their 3 week visit after participating in the Caribbean Stars Sports and Family Day last weekend at Lamoreaux Soccer Centre in Scarborough.

The Family Day was a welcome change of paste for the Trendsetters team after competing in the 40th Annual Robbie Tournament and the Toronto Cup tournament on consecutive weekends. The team closed off their Toronto stay in fine style when they defeated North Scarborough S.C. 4-1 in their last game of the family day schedule clinching the “fair play award” after losing to Brampton East 1-0 earlier. North Scarborough also defeated Brampton East 2-1 in their other game.

This year the Family Day was used as a tribute to the Trinidad and Tobago Soca Warriors in recognition of the football team accomplishment as the smallest country to qualify at a World Cup as well as to highlight the presence of the visiting Trendsetters team.

The visitors popularity soared as word of their impressive play circulated and as a result the team attracted large crowds. The team advanced to the semi final in the two tournaments they participated, from their Group C in the Robbie and Group B in the Toronto Cup. As a result of the team performance a few of their players have been scouted and are making them selves available for potential scholarship offer in the United States.

The Trinidad and Tobago Consulate office in Toronto has committed their continued support and involvement to make a team return visit by Trendsetters possible.

                               40th Annual Robbie Soccer Tournament 2006

Group C
Pos Team GP W T L GF GA Pts
1 Trendsetter Hawks (T&T) 3 2 1 0 4 1 7
2 Erin Mills Eagles 3 1 1 1 4 5 4
3 Aurora Stingers 3 0 2 1 3 4 2
4 East York 3 0 2 1 1 2 2
Semi Finalists
Winner Grp A – Glen Shields 1 vs. Grp C Trendsetters Hawks 0

Toronto Cup Tournament 2006

Group B
Pos Team GP W T L GF GA Pts
1 Oakville, ON 3 2 0 0 7 0 9
2 Trendsetter Hawks (T&T) 3 2 0 1 14 2 6
3 Orland Park, IL 3 0 0 3 1 19 0
Quarter Final
 Group A 3rd – Newmarket 3 vs. Group C 2nd – Trendsetters T&T 6
Semi Final
 Winner Grp A  – East York 3 vs. Grp C 2nd– Trend Hawks (T&T) 0

  The objective of the Family Day is to give the youths and families a day of fun and enjoyment in a comfortable atmosphere where the pressures of winning and losing is secondary to teamwork, forming friendships and meeting old acquaintances.

 Trendsetters were up for this day and even got a surprise treat by the appearance of NBA All Star Jamaal Magloire who addressed the team and reinforced the importance of an education and the commitment to take their sport seriously

Trendsetters Hawks a tribute to Soca Warriors

Trinidad and Tobago Trendsetter Hawks football team gave an impressive display of soccer at the 40TH Annual International Robbie Soccer Tournament held in Scarborough, Toronto. In their first appearance in the tournament they managed to clinch their Group C Division with an undefeated record of 2 wins and one tie after defeating Erin Mills 2-0 and tying with East York 0-0 in their Saturday games and continued their fine form bright and early the following Sunday morning and defeated Aurora 2-1 to advance to the semi-final schedule for later in the afternoon.

Similar to the Soca Warriors in Germany the Trendsetters Hawks support base has increased with every game they played and because of that popularity the team has canvassed to play in the Toronto Cup Tournament this weekend in Markham. The International tournament comprise of teams from such places as USA, Mexico, and Nigeria. Trendsetters Hawks first two games are scheduled for Saturday against Orland Park and Aurora at 3:30pm and 8:00pm respectively while on Sunday they play Ajax at 12:30p. All three Division games are at Centennial Park in Markham, located just behind the Markville Mall.

Trendsetter has taken a giant step and would be remembered as one of the first Caribbean team to reach the semi finals in the Robbie Tournament. They lost 1-0 in the semi final game after controlling the run of play in the first half but had a lack of luck after giving up a penalty kick with only two minutes gone in the second half. They also came up empty on two break aways with only the Glen Shields goalkeeper to get pass.
Trendsetter’s team plays an aggressive exciting brand of football and if their style of play is maintained they will be increasing their support base even further before they return home.

The highlight play of the game was a solo run by their right wing back when he weaved through about 5 opposing players but slipped while attempting to go around the goalkeeper. This was within minutes of another breakaway that was played straight to the goalkeeper.

Trendsetters will close off their tour in Canada after participating at the Caribbean Stars Sports and Family Day on July 15 at the Lamoreaux Sports Complex at Birchmount and Silver Springs (just north of Finch) in Scarborough with a tribute to the Trinidad and Tobago Soca Warriors.

I think it is safe to say that the Robbie Tournament Committee is pleased with what the Trinidad and Tobago Trendsetters team has brought to the 2006 Under 18 Division.